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Better Simpler Strategy
Professor Felix Oberholzer-Gee of Harvard Business School demonstrates how organizations gain more by doing less in Better, Simpler Strategy.
Strategy Felix Oberholzer-Gee
Beyond Reasons
The book explains how emotions affect negotiation and provides techniques for dealing with strong emotions at the negotiating table based on five basic emotional concerns. This book is well-written and contains a wealth of useful information.
Negotiation Daniel Shapiro and Roger Fisher
Blue Ocean Shift
Beyond competing the book highlights proven steps to inspire confidence and seize new growth opportunities.
Strategy Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim
Digital Marketing for Dummies
Digital Marketing for Dummies teaches you how to engage your audience, build your brand, attract more customers, and increase sales using practical, tested strategies.
Marketing Russ Henneberry and Ryan Deiss
Explosive Growth
This book provides guidance and techniques for creating and running an online business, as well as 80 suggestions for launching, building, and optimizing items.
Strategy Cliff Lerner
Getting things done
David Allen presents a system in the book that assists in living a life with a "mind like water," which is the secret to productivity. When something is tossed into a glass of water, it wrinkles, but eventually, it returns to its original state. This book emphasizes Having a trustable...
Self development David Allen
Hacking Growth
Growth hackers founder Sean Ellis teams up with veteran startup marketer Morgan Brown to share how the world’s most successful companies build growth teams, create must-have products, discover and test what works to drive growth, and retain more customers.
Marketing Morgan Brown and Sean Ellis
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
The book breaks down how to use thoughtful persuasion and how people can be influenced to say yes more often.
Marketing Robert Cialdini
Leaders Eat Last
Simon Sinek deconstructs what makes a leader and what brings and keeps groups together. Leaders exist to safeguard the community and to create a Circle of Safety in which everyone can live their best lives
Leadership Simon Sinek
Maximum Influence
In Maximum Influence, author and acknowledged expert Kurt Mortensen unveils the 12 Laws of Persuasion, explaining why each law works, how to utilize it, and what to avoid. You will learn how to read people instantaneously, get people to trust you instinctively, easily change people's thoughts, and persuade anyone to...
Negotiation Kurt Mortensen
Never Split the Difference
The author Chris Voss is a former international FBI hostage negotiator. The book reveals battle-tested strategies for high-stakes negotiations.
Negotiation Chris Voss
Red Team
In Red Team, Micah Zenko shows that even the best ideas need to be interrogated internally before they hit the market.
Negotiation Micah Zenko
The 1-Pager Marketing Plan
Author an Dib contends in his book The 1-Page Marketing Plan that a business owner must become good at the business of what they do, not just their technical skill. Professionals don't just go with the flow. They make certain that the time they spend on something has the greatest...
Marketing Allan Dib
The Fifth Risk
In The Fifth Risk, Michael Lewis provides an insider look into the turbulent transition from the Obama to Trump administration, as well as the new administration's apparent willful ignorance of the bureaucracy. The book has received praise for its readability and assessment of the longer-term concerns that Trump's presidency may...
Leadership Michael Lewis
The Five Dysfunction of a Team
While the Five Dysfunctions of a Team is an interesting story, the popularity of the book is due to the simple and accessible model of teamwork that it introduces. Represented as a Pyramid, Lencioni’s main character, Kathryn, uses the model to help her own team. However, this model can also...
Leadership Patrick Lencioni
The Infinite Game
The Infinite Game analyzes leadership choices and offers guidelines for implementing a "infinite game" strategy. Infinite mindsets develop a greater cause than themselves or their businesses, whereas finite mindsets focus on winning. Collaborating with others for a common goal helps to create a more resourced and caring world.
Leadership Simon Sinek
The Power of positive thinking
This book will show you that success begins in the mind and will teach you how to believe in yourself, quit the habit of worrying, and take control of your life by altering your attitude and controlling your ideas.
Self development Norman Vincent Peale
The Serving Leader
In general, the book emphasizes "actions that will transform teams, businesses, and communities" and you'll be impressed at how applicable these principles are to academia. The authors advocate a leadership approach that prioritizes excellence and competitiveness without sacrificing attention to people's needs and worth.
Leadership Ken Blanchard
Value Proposition Design
Value Proposition Design is a multimedia collection of practical (downloadable) templates and tasks centered on a "Value Proposition Canvas" (VPC) that will help you create a compelling value proposition that will win hearts, minds, and wallets.
Strategy Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Gregory Bernarda, Alan Smith and Trish Papadakos