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If someone had told me last year, that I would be writing this on a website I built to help people find jobs, I would have told you to come back in my second life, but here I am doing just that. So, what changed? Well, I realised that I have something that others could benefit from and rather than keep it to myself, my input could just be that missing link someone out there needs to propel.

My name is Dan Solomon. I have a diverse background in engineering, business, and finance, which has allowed me to cultivate a deep understanding of how to truly leverage myself in today’s competitive market.

I also have a passion for helping people navigate this highly competitive and sometimes brutal job market. A passion I developed while helping those in my close circle find their dream jobs.

I would like to warmly welcome you to Blisscareer, because your career is meant to be bliss. This website captures most of the things I wish I had when I was in my job search process and I hope you find the content useful.

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My Mission

I am on a mission to help you in your transition.

My mission is to help you navigate this rather tough and competitive job market by providing you with all the quintessential tools and templates needed to make you standout and get hired. 

My Vision

Change the game through Blisscareer.

My vision is for Blisscareer to become the place where students, recent graduates and (young) professionals find career development insights and resources.

My Story

To give you some insight into who I am, I started out my undergraduate life by spending five years in Russia working towards my B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. During this time, I was heavily involved in extracurricular activities, such as camp counselling for kids in the United States, a member of AIESEC, and was also active in UNESCO. I also had a half-baked internship, but I typically refrain from flaunting that. These experiences were invaluable, and I would definitely do them again if I were to go back in time.

Once I earned that B.Sc., I decided to move to Germany in 2013. It was a bold move, and I had a lot to uncover in this new country.

The first thing I realized was that students were more relaxed. There was no rigid system in place, e.g., that one had to finish a particular program in a given time frame. This gave students the flexibility to plan accordingly. They could take an extended internship, go abroad for a year, or do
whatever they found interesting. Compared to where I was coming from, this sounded like heaven to me. I came from a system that was rigid. Four years for a B.Sc. and that is it. You start with a cohort and you finish with same cohort (except for those that dropped out).

There was a caveat though. I realized that this did not really apply to me. I had to finish my program in a given time frame and find a job because I could not afford spending any extra years.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I was enrolled in double master’s program (M.Sc. + MBA) making it even more interesting. Most of my classmates had years of work experience or had done several internships and here I was with none.

I knew that I had to do something, else, how could I be able to compete in a market with people who speak the language better than I do, have similar level of education, and have more experience than me? You can guess the answer to that – no way!

But then, how? How do I learn German, keep up with my grades, find a job/internship, do some sports, sleep, and then graduate in two/three years? It sounded like mission impossible to me.

However, through the chaos, I still somehow managed to keep my grades afloat with my crazy seven days a week class schedules. I also, over time, discovered how to tailor my CV, cover letter, and learned how to land interviews that converted to offers. It certainly was not easy, but I did eventually go from having no clue about what I was doing to becoming extremely proficient.

Though I had the advantage of learning this whole process early on, it was still challenging to figure it all out. But once I knew exactly where I wanted to be, I developed an executable plan, and the rest was history.

Today, I have multiple degrees, which allowed me to have numerous career roles, including positions in finance, business development, strategy consulting and currently marketing. And this all started with a drive to better my life and taking the time to learn how to market myself correctly, both on paper in person.

I am on a journey and would love it for you to come along.

My Journey

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It gives me joy to see you soar, achieve your full potential and land that coveted job you have been longing for.

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