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Difficult Conversations: How to Have Conversations that Matter the Most
This book walks you through a step-by-step process for having the most important discussions, which are sometimes the most difficult to have. You may perhaps consider this a manual on how to have easy interactions with difficult people.
Communication, Leadership Bruce Patton, Douglas Stone, and Sheila Heen
Leaders Eat Last
Simon Sinek deconstructs what makes a leader and what brings and keeps groups together. Leaders exist to safeguard the community and to create a Circle of Safety in which everyone can live their best lives
Leadership Simon Sinek
The Fifth Risk
In The Fifth Risk, Michael Lewis provides an insider look into the turbulent transition from the Obama to Trump administration, as well as the new administration's apparent willful ignorance of the bureaucracy. The book has received praise for its readability and assessment of the longer-term concerns that Trump's presidency may...
Leadership Michael Lewis
The Five Dysfunction of a Team
While the Five Dysfunctions of a Team is an interesting story, the popularity of the book is due to the simple and accessible model of teamwork that it introduces. Represented as a Pyramid, Lencioni’s main character, Kathryn, uses the model to help her own team. However, this model can also...
Leadership Patrick Lencioni
The Infinite Game
The Infinite Game analyzes leadership choices and offers guidelines for implementing a "infinite game" strategy. Infinite mindsets develop a greater cause than themselves or their businesses, whereas finite mindsets focus on winning. Collaborating with others for a common goal helps to create a more resourced and caring world.
Leadership Simon Sinek
The Serving Leader
In general, the book emphasizes "actions that will transform teams, businesses, and communities" and you'll be impressed at how applicable these principles are to academia. The authors advocate a leadership approach that prioritizes excellence and competitiveness without sacrificing attention to people's needs and worth.
Leadership Ken Blanchard