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Are you an (international) student, a recent graduate or young professional looking to gain confidence and an edge to be competitive in the job market? We are here to help you land your dream job. We will help you go from ZERO to ONE in your job search.

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About Blisscareer

We founded Blisscareer with one thing in mind – YOU. We know firsthand how difficult it can be to transition from being a student to landing a job out in the world. It’s a bit more difficult, if you’re also an international student, recent graduate or a young professional and not sure where to begin. If we’ve caught your attention and you find yourself nodding along, let us delve more into what we can offer.

Benefits of Working With Us

When you work with us, we will help you along the way with your next job search helping you land that coveted job you have been longing for. You will get the following benefits:

CV and Cover Letter

Help Build your Personal Brand

Personalized Mentoring Program

Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching

Interview Prep
and Strategies

Seamless Job
Search Strategies

Want to Know More About the Top Skills Employers are Looking Today?

Then look no further. Our Skills Explorer would help you hone on those skills that are currently in demand.

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And not to Forget

I know you’re likely eager to get going and tackle all of these items, and I love that! Before we showcase what we package together for you on this journey towards finding gainful employment, there are three core components we think are essential to have in your toolkit that I’d like to go over so you have a better understanding of this process.

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Our strategy process is all about the WHAT. It includes asking questions so we can better assess how to write your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile as well as how to best structure your interview question answers.

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Next, we enter the planning phase where we work you through thinking of the HOW. How do you plan achieve the “whats” you identified in the strategy phase? 

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In this step, It’s time to put everything into action! We guide you how to Get to Work, Allocate right resources and
Adapt it based on the current situation.


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Are you ready to take the leap and learn how we can help you achieve you goals of finding a job?