Think of the "What"
What do you want to achieve?
What could be some integrated set of steps you need to take that would collectively take you to that place you envisage?
Be open to modify your strategy so you do not get stuck. This alternative scenario can be lumped into one of the plans in the planning section


Think of the "How"
How do you plan to achieve that or those “whats” you identified in the strategizing phase?
Make a Plan
Make concrete plans that are integrated and collective.
Create alternative Plans
Plan for alternative scenarios, e.g., plan Alpha, plan Beta or plan Gamma and be flexible to take on other plans that were not even on your radar.


Get to work
Time to put pen to paper – execution. Get to work as soon as possible. Remember the steps have to be integrated and collective to work.
Allocate right resources
Allocate the right resources needed for you to execute.
Be willing to execute plan Gamma as though it was plan Alpha if it comes to that – do not be rigid. Adjust your plans based on reality.
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