CV / Cover Letter Assessment

Duration: 30mins and 1hour

  • In-depth review of your CV
  • Help crafting a well written CV that captures the value you bring to the table and make you stand-out
  • Craft a top-notch summary / highlight section that shoes the skills you bring (optional)
  • Train you on how to identify the key elements to highlight from a job description in your CV
  • Work with you to identify how to add the wow factor to your profile in the “other experience” of your CV

Interview Strategy / Prep

Duration: 30mins and 1hour

  • Help you build the confidence you need to excel at the interview
  • Help you create clear, compelling, concise and well-structured answers tailored to the needs of the hiring manager
  • Work with you to develop a strategy of how to convey why you are the best for the job and get that YES!
  • Work on strategies on how to answer the “what is your salary expectation” question and other follow-up questions
  • Help you develop excellent video interview strategies

Personal 1-1 Session

Duration: 30mins and 1hour

  • Take the guesswork out of the job hunt by helping you with the most effective strategies
  • Help you identify your unique value and what makes you stand-out
  • Work with you to develop your personal brand and work on how to become a superior salesperson
  • Work together to explore what you are best suited for, skills you need to get you there, and how to leverage your strengths in process
  • Discuss various ways you can work on adding value during your job search process
  • Talk about the various options open to you

Blisscareer Mentoring Program

Duration: 1hour 45mins

  • Apply for jobs can be overwhelming. Sometimes you do not even know where to start. What to change or where you should be focusing on. If this is you, then this session is for you. Start by reading the job search challenge (it’s a free download) then we can base the overall process from there and give you some clarity to help you gain that confidence you need to land your dream job.

Blisscareer Mentoring Program

Duration: 30mins and 1hour

  • Still in doubt or not sure what option suits you best, feel free to schedule a call with us for here.


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