Episode #015: Be Receptive To Cues Around You.

Episode #015: Be Receptive To Cues Around You.

August 9, 2021

Episode summary:

How did Jeevan go from an Instagram ad while in Bangalore in India to one of the top leadership development programs in Germany? What is he currently doing to shape the future of the automotive industry?

In this episode of the Blisscareer podcast, Jeevan takes us through his journey of how he got to Germany, the glitches he faced on the way, how he overcame them and what he is currently doing at Daimler.

His story is one you want to listen to as you navigate your career. Was really a pleasure to have you, Jeevan on the podcast, and thanks for inspiring all of us.

Quote from the Podcast –

“Always be receptive to cues around you. It guides the way and it guides the path”

Connect to Jeevan Raghu on Linkedin

Thank you, Jeevan for taking the time. Such an inspiring session. Cheers.

P.S. – Are you interested in Daimler’s INspire – the Leaders’ Lab? Then this is definitely worth a listen.


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