Episode #003: They See Through You – How to Show Motivation When Interviewing

Episode #003: They See Through You – How to Show Motivation When Interviewing

October 2, 2020

Episode summary:

Did you know that interviewers can see through you when you’re not motivated enough for the role? Yes, you will think you’ve nailed the interview as you leave but be surprised later when you don’t make the cut. What then are you supposed to do to show enough motivation for the role you’re interviewing for and possibly get that job?

In this episode, Dan Solomon talks about the importance of motivation when going into an interview. He explains in detail how to answer the ‘why do you want to work for us?’ question by making sure you have a crystal-clear answer. He also shares a personal story of how he once missed a role due to a lack of motivation.

Listen in to learn how you can educate yourself and understand your interviewing company beforehand to increase your motivation and chances of getting hired.

“You do not want motivation to be the reason they said no because it is something you can easily prepare for and make sure you have a crystal-clear answer.” [21:45]

What we talked about in today’s episode:

[0:37] Intro

[2:17] Motivation- the importance of going into an interview with a crystal-clear reason why you fit the role.

[6:52] Dan shares a story of a time he didn’t get hired due to a lack of motivation in a role he was interviewing for as interviewers could see it.

[15:27] Get your act together before going into an interview and have the answer to the ‘why do you want to work for us?’ question.

[17:11] How to read and understand in-depth about the company you want to join before attending the interview.

[19:28] How to show the interviewers you know about their struggles and you’re interested in working with them to help them get over their struggles.

[21:31] Make sure you have motivation packaged by preparing before going to the interview.

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