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Brilliant Selling.
This book is full of practical tips and advice from successful business professionals. It is especially good for those new to selling as a coaching book or a reference book for those with experience.
Pricing Analyst Jeremy Cassell
Pricing for Profit.
This book is very readable, a practical guide, and uses real-life examples to explain to you how to stay strong under the pressure of discounting to undercut the competitors. The strategies in this book when implemented should make a huge difference to your bottom line and deliver strong business growth.
Pricing Analyst Peter Hill
Pricing with Confidence
The main purpose of this book is to teach you how to be more confident in your product and value for both price setting purposes and price capturing purposes. It dispels the idea of selling your product's price and instead starts selling the value of the product. It provides you...
Pricing Analyst Mark Burton and Reed K Holden
The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing
This book provides you with a solid overview of the different pricing strategies that exist and how they apply in the 21st century. It also provides some technical discussions like how and when to use financial analysis, the effect of the cost structure, and the importance of pricing policies.
Pricing Analyst John E. Hogan, Joseph Zale, and Thomas T Nagle
Value-Based Pricing.
This book will teach you how to set a selling distribution channel, how to understand your customers and their needs, how to utilize revenue generation while reducing cost for the business, and how to differentiate your business.
Pricing Analyst Harry Macdivitt and Mike Wilkinson