How to Write a CV – No Experience

4 years ago

How to Write a CV – No Experience

The time has finally come where you earned that degree you have worked so hard for and can finally get out into the “real world.” Though as exciting as that may be, you probably feel tinges of anxiety because you know all too well that job searching is an uphill battle. That is especially true for those with no experience yet who just graduated, such as yourself. So, when you sit down to write your CV, here is a secret, recruiters look for more than just your experiences. They look at who you are as a whole, and knowing how to sell yourself on your CV is the key to showcasing your value to land those offers. 

CV Layout Tips

  • Express yourself on a linguistic scale that also matches the job you are applying for. Do this by re-reading the listing several times to pick out keywords, their type of languages, and understand the person they are seeking.

  • Promote your skills and talents first that can apply to the role. Putting this right upfront makes you more attractive to recruiters.

  • Add an engaging profile summary. This is your impactful way of presenting yourself to potential employers and showing them exactly what your motives are in your career. This is so powerful because it captures quickly and can give you that needed advantage to get an interview over those who do not implement this section.

Sample CV Profile Summary

As a recent graduate from 123 University with a Bachelor’s in Business Management, I am looking to now leverage my underlying knowledge in this industry with a mission to achieve optimal business growth. As someone who served as the editor and chief for the student newspaper and who was the organizational leader of multiple student events, I host the fundamental manager, organizational, and adaptive skills needed to thrive in the office environment and am looking forward to applying that value to become a company asset.


Always remember, the person who has years of experience under them is not always the one who gets the job. Because of this, it is vital you take the proper time to write your CV up to convey who you are, what your goals are, and why employers should give you a chance. In the end, it is all about showcasing your personality, your transferable skills, your passion for the opportunity, and proving that you can be an asset. By bridging the gap between what the employer needs and skills and knowledge you have to fulfill that requirement, you should hopefully have no problem landing a formidable role to begin your career-enhancing aspirations.

Good luck!

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