Episode #005: How to Finally Get Your YES! – Effective Ways to Convert Your Interviews into Job Offers

Episode #005: How to Finally Get Your YES! – Effective Ways to Convert Your Interviews into Job Offers

January 17, 2021

Episode summary:

How proactive are you with the interview process of that position that you’re really interested in? You have to be thoughtful and understand the value you bring to the table to stand out from other candidates.

In this episode, we invite George over to share how he just landed the position of a Performance Marketing Manager with Hugo Boss. George has a background in mechanical engineering and industrial management but has more interest in the marketing side of a company than the technical. He shares about the mistakes he made when he was jobless and the winning strategy he utilized when he landed the interview with Hugo Boss.

Listen in to learn the importance of asking the company questions like their pain points and what they look to achieve with the role you’re interested in. You will also learn the value of networking and voicing your interest in working for the company you’re interning with.

“Nobody can actually determine what your experience is, it’s more about you being able to convey it.”– George [35:45]

What we talked about in today’s episode:

[1:57] George shares his educational background in mechanical engineering and industrial management, plus his interest in marketing.

[7:49] He explains how his relationship with his mother motivated him to keep going when finding a job during a pandemic proved hard.

[11:20] The importance of having a support system to keep you inspired during the job searching process when rejection threatens to demotivate you.

[13:08] George explains the interview process that got him the job at Hugo Boss, plus why he believes being proactive during the whole process is what got him the job.

[29:06] How to approach the job application process and the transitioning process from an intern to being part of the team.

[35:06] Tips on how to be proactive before and during the interview process to raise your chances of getting hired.

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