Name of program: Traineeship Youth Consultant

Intake: Various

Language requirement: English or Dutch

Duration: 24 months

Summary: Do you want to continue studying after your studies and do you see a career in the municipal government completely? Kickstart your career with the Traineeship Talent Development Program Youth Consultant. As a participant, you follow an inspiring training program while you work at a municipality in our network. Enjoying the benefits of a permanent job, you will continue to learn in a targeted manner to accelerate your growth to become an accomplished municipal youth consultant.

As a municipal Youth Consultant you indicate the individual needs of young people. You then advise and coordinate care processes, in consultation with the family and the relevant authorities. Due to a considerable shortage of specialized professionals, there is an urgent demand for youth consultants from Dutch municipalities. That is why YER offers this Talent Development Program: a combination of learning and working, with which you can grow into a fully-fledged municipal Youth Consultant within two years.

The traineeship starts with a 10-week learning path, consisting of a theoretical part and a practical internship. In addition, you participate in personal coaching sessions, in which we focus on your personal goals based on, among other things, a development plan.