Name of program:Traineeship WMO Consultant

Intake: Various

Language requirement: English or Dutch

Duration: 24 months

Summary: Do you want to continue studying after your studies and do you see a career in the municipal government completely? Kickstart your career with the Traineeship Talent Development Program Wmo Consultant . You follow an inspiring training program while gaining work experience at municipalities in our network. Enjoy the benefits of a permanent job, continue learning in a targeted manner and accelerate your growth to become a fully-fledged municipal Wmo consultant.

Due to a considerable shortage of specialized professionals, there is an urgent demand for Wmo consultants from Dutch municipalities. For this reason, YER offers this Talent Development Program: the combination of learning and working with which you can grow into an accomplished municipal Wmo consultant within two years.


Wmo stands for Social Support Act. For people who experience a lack of self-reliance, Wmo facilities ensure that they can live at home longer. Citizens apply for these facilities to their municipality. Wmo consultants work on behalf of municipalities with these care requests for individual Wmo facilities.