Name of program: Traineeship Construction And Housing Supervision

Intake: Various

Language requirement: English or Dutch

Duration: 24 months

Summary: Do you want to continue studying after your studies and do you really like a career with the government? Kickstart your career with the Talent Development Program Construction and Housing Supervision traineeship. You follow an inspiring training program while you work at a municipality, province or environmental service from our network. Enjoy the benefits of a permanent job, continue learning in a targeted manner and grow faster to become a mature expert.

Due to a considerable lack of specialized professionals, there is an urgent demand for WABO Permit Providers and Inspectors for Building and Housing Supervision. For this reason, YER offers this Talent Development Program in partnership with BOB and Boertien Vergouwen Overduin. This traineeship is a combination of learning and working, which will make you a fully-fledged WABO Permit Provider or Construction Supervisor within a year and a half.

You will be employed by YER as a participant. Via us you will immediately start working in the position of Supervisor Construction and / or WABO Permit provider at a municipality, province or environmental service.