Würth Group

Name of program: International Trainee

Intake: Various

Language requirement: English

Duration: 24 months

Summary: The development of suitable young professionals is a central topic of every company. An important pillar of our future is the promotion of International Trainees. Therefor it is a personal concern of mine to co-select and to accompany the Trainees during their training.

Our one year Trainee program is focused on purchasing. During this time you will not only be working at Würth in Chur but also at other locations of Würth International, such as Shanghai in China or Ramsey at the United States. You will directly take over responsibility for the daily business and acquire knowledge about the Würth Group. Being supervised from our director as well as from our purchasing coordinator and strategic purchaser, you will have an excellent base. Ensuing to the Trainee program the opportunity to take over an interesting position as a purchaser, preferably in Switzerland, is given.