Name of program: Engineering / Management Traineeip

Intake: Various

Language requirement: English and/or Dutch

Duration: 24 months

Summary: Are you the talent with a feel for technology, project or program management? Do you want to make a flying start in your career at a successful company that has its feet in the high tech world? And do you want to deal with both the development and realization of innovative systems? VDL ETG Technology & Development offers you the opportunity to grow into a Professional and sparring partner for the internal organization and its customers within a few years.


Depending on your educational background, experiences and ambitions, you will work with your manager on your career plan, goals are set and responsibilities are determined. You come up with ideas and initiatives to achieve your ultimate goal. You can grow into various functions and roles, for example; Specialist, Lead Engineer, Team Leader, Project Leader or Program Manager. You will receive training-on-the-job, which means that you will work in multidisciplinary teams with colleagues on the specification, design and integration of high-tech machine modules and systems. In addition, you will become familiar with our way of working. Within VDL ETG Technology & Development, we work according to the Production Generation Process (PGP) to enable realization of the machine modules and systems.