Solid Professionals

Name of program: Traineeship data

Intake: Various

Language requirement: English and/or Dutch

Duration: 24 months

Summary: Have you (almost) graduated higher professional or university education in the direction of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Mathematics or Physics? Do you have a passion for data and do you want to work with large datasets and further develop your knowledge of data? Then the traineeship data is the perfect start to your career!

During the traineeship data you will work at a bank or insurance company. You will work within a data / IT department. Which one that is depends on the possibilities and your own ambitions. Here you will help to get the data in order so that they gain more insights and value from it. You will also program data and / or analyze data, make predictive models and maintain contact with stakeholders. You will not shy away from solving a complicated puzzle!

The traineeship data is part of the young professional program. In addition to the fixed training program aimed at personal leadership, networking and vitality, you will receive a personal training budget. With this budget you can put together your own hard skills training and education package. Suitable for your position and developments, but also suitable for your own ambitions, wishes and intrinsic motivation.

If you start within our traineeship, you will receive a menu that helps you in the search for suitable courses, training and education. Many young professionals have gone before you and we know better than anyone which hard skills are currently required by our customers.