Name of program: Management Traineeship

Intake: Various

Language requirement: English and/or Dutch

Duration: 24 months

Summary: A great management position may seem like a future, but with a traineeship at ProRail, you can develop towards it in no time!

You will receive your first assignment from us. You can get started with that right away for the first 8 months. Immediately enter the content and get started to develop your talents and skills. How? Through challenging training in situational leadership, self-management and conflict management. Coaching and training continues throughout your traineeship, with evaluations in between.

You determine the next assignment yourself. Check what suits you: working as a project manager of a new construction project, managing a team of traffic controllers or working as a strategy consultant? Everything is possible. And the same applies to your third assignment, which you also determine yourself. And have you completed all those assignments properly? Then it is time for a permanent position within ProRail. What that will be? That is up to you.

You are the director of your traineeship. You decide, ProRail facilitates.