Community Guidelines

General Guidelines

Sensitive information

Please do not post or ask for any sensitive information. Any post containing personal information will be deleted in order to protect your privacy.

General expectations

First and foremost, as you use this forum please remember that nothing trumps being kind, helpful and respectful. Beyond just seeking solutions, please be encouraged to help others as well. Remember, what goes around comes around. But please know that you are not compelled to help anyone, just do it if you feel like offering assistance based on your experience.


Refrain from posting copyrighted material or any other illegal content. Any post found containing copyrighted material or illegal content will be deleted.


Refrain from using violent language and try to be friendly to everyone in the community. Harassment, insult, hateful conduct, hate speech, bullying or any targeted personal attacks on other member of the community would not be tolerated.


Any racial, ethnic, gender-based insults or any other personal discrimination will not be tolerated

No Spam

Please refrain from spamming the website such as unsolicited advertisements, automated messages. Users who post spams will have their posts removed. So please try to keep your post as constructive as possible for the benefit of the community.

Just be nice

Be nice and if you can’t, then just give a try - you can do this.