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Find your Light Bulb
Mike Harris, a serial entrepreneur, demonstrates that all it takes is passion, commitment, and a willingness to learn. This book is a make-it-happen manual that will help you fix the odds of success firmly in your favour with vital business advice and case studies from entrepreneurs and inventors on both...
Start-ups Mike Harris
Leading at the Speed of Growth
This book includes stories from over 500 entrepreneurs to teach, inspire, and influence the decisions you make to become a great leader during times of growth.
Self development, Start-ups Jana B. Matthews and Katherine Catlin
The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to...
The Lean Startup is all about swiftly figuring out what your customers genuinely want. It's all about constantly testing what you think your clients want and adapting based on the results, all before you run out of capital.
Agile / Scrum, Start-ups Eric Ries
Zero to One
Zero to One is an inside look at Peter Thiel's mindset and method for building a successful firm, based on the lessons he learnt by starting and selling PayPal, as well as investing in Facebook and earning a billionaire in the process
Start-ups Peter Thiel