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Psychology of Selling
Brian Tracy's The Psychology of Selling is a well-known book written by a legendary sales executive. It shares ideas, techniques, strategies, and guidance to help salespeople sell more quickly and easily than ever before.
Sales Brian Tracy
Spin Selling
This book presents a strong sales process that exposes four types of questions that, when answered in succession, increase the likelihood of a lead converting into a sale.
Sales Neil Rackham
The Challenger Sale
Authors Dixon and Adamson studied a sample of hundreds of sales agents in The Challenger Sale and surprisingly concluded that traditional relationship building may potentially be harmful to the whole sales process. The book also lays out a process for transforming mediocre salespeople into high-performing Challengers.
Sales Mattew Dixon and Brent Adamson
The Ultimate Sales Machine
The Ultimate Revenue Machine is Chet Holmes' legacy of helping salespeople all around the world by providing them with 12 key methods to constantly focus on and implement in order to at least quadruple their sales.
Sales Chet Holmes