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May 9, 2021

Top 5 portals in Germany for jobs searching in 2021

Our team has compiled the top 5 players (based on traffic) from Crosswater Job Guide’s statistics, to give you a more concentrated strategy of where to look, how they differ from one another and which ones are the best for some of the specifics you may need. One thing that you will need to do before you start applying for jobs in Germany is to ensure you have optimised your CV and cover letter according to the German format. If you haven’t, then your application will almost certainly land straight in the trash.

April 25, 2021

How to Write a Top-Notch Cover Letter for Germany in 2021.

When you have spent hours crafting the “perfect” CV, you want to make sure your cover letter introduces you with the same level of professionalism. This article shows you how to write a compelling Cover Letter that makes you stand out.

February 9, 2021

How to Write a Top-notch German CV (Lebenslauf) in 2021.

The importance of a CV cannot be overemphasized. However, you might have come across the phrase that says on average, recruiters only look at your CV for about 6 to 7 seconds for an initial screen. So, what is the deal? If a CV is that important, why are recruiters not giving CVs the time needed?